Back Underground

by Dave Howard

Feel Free 03:45
City Lights (free) 03:10
Shatterhouse 04:49
Tested 04:59
The Flood 03:23
I would like to get to know you. Tell me how to make you mine. There’s so much I would like to show you, just give me some time. Now my past is right behind me. I’m afraid to let you in. If you search then you will find me, my virtues and my sins. If my dreams came true tonight, all the fantasies and the nightmares. If my darkness comes to light I hope that you will not be scared. Be my darling, be my honey, be my sweet thing, take my money. Take my will and take my life, but make my dreams come true tonight. I’m a man without a country. I’m a sailing ship without a shore. I’m a gambler who just got lucky and I want more. Now there’s a love that I could give you that is endless as all time. But there’s a price for that kind of loving. You will be mine. My sleep is my sentence in the prison of my mind. And I offer my repentance as I’ve done a thousand times. And I pray when the morning sun has risen in the sky. You’ll be here by my side. When the wind blows through this valley it kicks up memories like so much dust. More than anything that I want from you I need your trust. Now your beauty is like a river flowing into an endless sea. And your love is like a blanket I pull over me.
Modern Times 03:57


a collection of demos and rarities spanning the years 1992 - 2004


released August 28, 2012


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Dave Howard San Diego, California

Dave Howard was active in the San Diego music scene from 1990 - 2018.
A multi-year nominee for the San Diego Music Awards, Howard's songwriting and stage chops caught the attention of his peers and coffeehouse patrons. This allowed him to collaborate and hang with the emerging artists of the time. Dave has released acoustic, garage rock (The Shamey Jays) and ambient electronic music (Upaya) ... more

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