Into The Wind - 2020 Re​-​issue

by Dave Howard

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There’s an uncomfortable silence, and I don’t know what to say. Don’t know if I’m slippin’ or if you’re pushing me away. I don’t want to lose you, but I don’t know where I stand. Feel like I’m falling fast and there’s no place to land. Life begins at zero. When you’re down to nothing you’ve got nothing to lose. Life begins at zero, zero . There’s a fork in the road, and you have to choose. You’re distracted by something. I’ve been watching your eyes. And you flash me a smile, but it’s just a disguise. Well my head keeps talking and it isn’t my friend. It says for every new beginning something has to end. I know my days are numbered. and you’re dragging it on. What you must do, do quickly. I’ll get along.
You remind me of someone that I used to know, who reminds me of places that I used to go. Which reminds me there’s something that I wanna say. Oh never mind, it doesn’t matter anyway. Underneath that girlish smile. Underneath that Paris style. Even though it’s been awhile. You know she’s almost Angeline. On the other hand she wasn’t like the other girls. On the other hand she didn’t wear her hair in curls. On the other hand she didn’t have a wedding ring. But on the other hand I guess that don’t mean anything Then she said, “You don’t remember me, beause, I’m not the girl I used to be.” But when I look at her that’s who I see. She’s almost Angeline. You remind me of someone that I used to know. Who reminds me of places that we used to go. Which reminds me there’s someplace that I’ve got to be. I remember now just how she slipped away from me
Sunrise blinds you driving east. Sunset blinds you driving west. Headlights cut right through the night. Two hundred miles before I rest. It would be easy just to close my eyes. I’ve been down this road so many times. But I will keep both my hands on the wheel. And try to stay on my side of the yellow line. Try to stay on my side of the yellow line I spent my summers drivin’ north. I spent my winters drivin’ south. That day I left you on the porch the words just wouldn’t leave my mouth. It would be easy just to close my eyes and try to leave that crazy scene behind. But I will keep both my hands on the wheel and try to stay on my side of the yellow line. Try to stay on my side of the yellow line. Just like the morning sun is rising. I’m slipping further from your grasp. My future lies on the horizon. Rear-view mirror tells my past.
I need a fifty foot woman. I’ve had nothing but trouble. since I saw the light. and I need some attention. to set myself right. Some big loving arms. to wrap myself in. To make it in this world. you’ve got to have a friend And I need a fifty foot woman. I know a guy. just got into town. He’s got a lady that takes him all around. Give him everything he need. and you know she keeps him warm. and you know she’s big enough. he won’t come to any harm Now I need a fifty foot woman. Someone who knows instinctively what to do. Someone that I can grow to tell my troubles to. When things are up in the air I would like to see. an unconditional love towering over me I need a fifty foot woman. to help me stand tall. ‘cause frankly, sometimes. I have no patience at all. I need a fifty foot woman. to answer my door. and if you wanna talk to me. she’s gonna ask you what for. And I need a fifty foot woman.
Standing at the river’s edge looking down. White noise, white water crashing. Run me over these falls, I’ll ride the cyclone.. Let the whirlpool take me.. . It’s like trying to jump onto a moving train. Not knowing if you’ll find your way back again. Trying to hold onto the weathervane. Like facing right into the wind. Clean me, clean my insides. Outside in, I’m opening myself. Clean me, clean my insides. Old secrets inside my cell. Come out swinging at the sound of the bell. Fight to the finish has only begun. Referee kneeling over me, counting to ten. Bookmaker screaming, “Stay down, stay down.”
Pieces Of Me 03:36
I keep my eyes on the lights that stretch on down this road, like all the contradictions in the things I’ve been told. And I feel like my head is about to explode, leaving pieces of me. I so want to call you but I don’t pick up the phone. I’ve taken my comfort in being alone. And I count all the blessings that I have been shown like they’re pieces of me. I sit in the dark. and I shiver in the cold. It’s just in the last year that I’ve begun to feel old. And I’m looking for a heart that’s big enough to hold all these pieces of me. I’m ready to begin. but it’s all about to end. I’m ready to listen to what you recommend. And I want to be your lover, but I really need a friend to hold these pieces of me. Well this one wants my love and this one wants my dough. And this one here wants something but I sure as hell don’t know. So they’ll tear me apart and then they’ll try to sew up all these pieces of me, pieces of me, pieces of me.
You say it’s hard to know when love is real. I say I know exactly how you feel. What works for me is simple as a song. It’ll all make sense to you before too long. If your feet don’t hardly touch the ground. If you feel your heart start to pound. If you hear a strange knocking sound. Answer the door - it’s love. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. Or if you know just what you’re looking for. I believe that old cliché is true. When you stop searching, love will come to you. Love, when it finds you, you will know. You will feel it start to grow. Until the signs begin to show. Oh...
Annie (free) 03:37
Annie I’ve been thinking about you growing older with me. And if I should lose everything, I’ll still have these sweet memories. If the love that you’ve given me had to last from this day on, I know it would last forever, and I believe that I could live that long. There’s a note that I want you to hit, there’s a song I want to sing. And if I was the marrying kind you would wear my wedding ring. Annie I’m a fool to love you, but I’d be a fool to say goodbye and if I told you I could live without you, that would be the truth and also a lie. Like a desert wind blowing out to sea, when my brain’s on fire you cool me. Like a lullaby when I close my eyes, honey you know how to soothe me. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Any time you want to leave me give me a chance make things right. I hate the sound of the word goodbye, I’d prefer to say goodnight.. If I give you any reason to believe I’ve been untrue, understand, the only one I’ve ever cheated was myself, up until I found you.
I would like to get to know you. Tell me how to make you mine. There’s so much I would like to show you, just give me some time. Now my past is right behind me. I’m afraid to let you in. If you search then you will find me, my virtues and my sins. If my dreams came true tonight, all the fantasies and the nightmares. If my darkness comes to light I hope that you will not be scared. Be my darling, be my honey, be my sweet thing, take my money. Take my will and take my life, but make my dreams come true tonight. I’m a man without a country. I’m a sailing ship without a shore. I’m a gambler who just got lucky and I want more. Now there’s a love that I could give you that is endless as all time. But there’s a price for that kind of loving. You will be mine. My sleep is my sentence in the prison of my mind. And I offer my repentance as I’ve done a thousand times. And I pray when the morning sun has risen in the sky. You’ll be here by my side. When the wind blows through this valley it kicks up memories like so much dust. More than anything that I want from you I need your trust. Now your beauty is like a river flowing into an endless sea. And your love is like a blanket I pull over me.
Someday Love 04:29
Although she was never much concerned with appearance, almost every attempt at romance suffered no interference. She was hungry for someone who’d pay attention to all the things that she would never mention. But now it doesn’t matter anymore. She was waiting for a someday love, hoping it would come real soon. Looking for the equivalent of forever and the moon. She was dreaming of a someday love, a fantasy come true. If you believe in a someday love, someday love will come to you. He almost never tried to play the so-called field. Where desperation eats away at false ideals. He was unfortunately resigned to hold out for the love that’s hard to find; The kind of love worth waiting for. He was waiting for a someday love, hoping it would come real soon. Looking for the equivalent of forever and the moon. He was dreaming of a someday love, a fantasy come true. If you believe in a someday love, someday love will come to you. And then one day by the side of the road, a woman and her car were in need of a tow. When a conversation on the way to a service station, was the start of the mending of two hearts. They were waiting for a someday love, hoping it would come real soon. Looking for the equivalent of forever and the moon. They were dreaming of a someday love, a fantasy come true. If you believe in a someday love, someday love….
You’ve been good to me, better than I deserve. And the road is long, but you hung on around every curve. Like an easy chair, like a trampoline. Like a feather bed, you know what I mean. When my strength (faith, patience) is gone. You give me something to fall back on. After all these years, it still seems like yesterday. I was on my knees giving thanks that you came my way. You taught me well, although the lessons hurt sometimes. When I threw up my hands, you made me try just one more time. You show me what I’m made of. Everything is so brand new. There’s nothing to be afraid of with you….oh. Well I look around, sometimes I think it’s too late for me.. And you take my hand and promise that you’ll wait for me.


released March 5, 2020




Dave Howard San Diego, California

Dave Howard was active in the San Diego music scene from 1990 - 2018.
A multi-year nominee for the San Diego Music Awards, Howard's songwriting and stage chops caught the attention of his peers and coffeehouse patrons. This allowed him to collaborate and hang with the emerging artists of the time. Dave has released acoustic, garage rock (The Shamey Jays) and ambient electronic music (Upaya) ... more

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