Fate Rumbled (with bonus videos and lyrics)

by Dave Howard

You're guilty of the open mouth Adder's in your grip Level down the public eye They'll wait until you slip Gather all the fables or Destiny will dry up When the fire knows your house When the doctor throws you out Oh today my friend we are safer than we've ever been (Gather all the fables) Barking orders at the queens and Poking fun with generals Let the lawyers out the cage, Your daughters out the kennels Oh today my friend we are safer than we've ever been This has been brought to you by Ad men and cab drivers Gun running grandmothers Drug pushing taxpayers Oh today my friend we are safer than we've ever been I'm low to the ground and still looking down. Still looking down on you
He's standing in front of the five and dime Screaming at the traffic and waving a sign It's more than injustice to me it seems A rich man's troubles are a poor man's dreams Everybody's livin' from day to day Anything you think you have can be taken away But win or lose you'd better save your soul You're gonna grow tired before you ever grow old They say he made a fortune as a CFO Gave a lot to the church and the USO But when the market fell he couldn't break his fall He bet it all and lost and so he lost it all You can see the wind and you can hear the rain But you can't see fear and you can't hear pain An angel whispers and a madman screams One man's troubles are another man's dreams Chasing the American ideal Looks good on paper but it isn't real Numbers in columns turn from black to red All possible scenarios keep running in my head Lexus in the shop? Well at least you've got a car Couldn't make it to the gym? Well you've got it so hard If you run out of whiskey you can go get more That's why they call it a convenience store
Crazy days, dangerous ways. I thought I kept them hidden Promises, lies and alibis I believed but you didn't Hungry years, enthusiastic cheers. I felt no one could stop me Different styles, disingenuous smiles. Some held me up to drop me Ohh, all my crazy days. Ohh, Ohhh, all my dangerous ways It's better to be a memory than a trophy in the corner It's harder to leave a legacy than a grave in California Ohh, all my crazy days. Ohh, Ohhh, all my dangerous ways Moses had his staff and Jesus had his cross One would see his treasure and one would lead the lost If you are a beggar remember to be small. It's easy to be humble after a fall New York times, petty crimes. I kept ridiculous hours Subway trains going to Insane. We walked beneath the towers Ohh, all my crazy days. Ohh, Ohhh, all my dangerous ways
In a strained turn of events the talking heads rolled Sold off their convictions. An estate of affairs There's only one play left in a fresh look at this stalemate Your cronies all scatter like roaches from a light You'll drink this cup. It's the last thing you'll do Fix one more time from daddy's silver spoon You'll raise a glass and they might drink to you But all you'll have left is daddy's silver spoon You're a self-made man. Made up like a yarn Like a fish tale gone bad, like a myth no one believes But you're based on a truth that everybody sees Like a wreck on the highway that they slow down to pity And while you improvise they write down every word. It just gets more absurd When the last straw falls And the radios go silent Will the banks shut down?  Will the lights go out? If a nightmare ends Without breaking your fall Do you die for real? Do you die for real?
Taking my time I don't know where I'm in the circus I ran away A way with the spoon A way with words A word if you please Give me some time No time to relax I'm late as it is It is what it is Is that all there is? Seven to one That seems so odd A gamble you take  They put you to bet You wagered on sin And pay at the door They won't let me in I know what it's for A reason to live A cure is in reach I stretch out my hand I pull at your cheek A bum in the road A bottle of reds A pill in a box A shot to the brain A bow and a wave A tearful goodbye A bargain at last
I Found Out 04:52
You go where you will Drive in bad weather You call out in your sleep. I don't know who for A walking contradiction You live and let live But you carry a grudge Like a bag of cocaine I found out I found you out   We have no secrets Never again You live for the theatre    You ought to take a bow They wrote you up. You're the talk of the town  Cry in a rainstorm Laugh at a funeral Life is a hospital Full of sick and insane You found out You found me out And nothing is sacred here Never again The circles you run in Are making me dizzy I have to sit down. Keep my feet on the floor You can't save the liars The lost and the thoughtless  There is no tomorrow When the light goes dim I found out I found this out No second chances Never again
Quasar 03:36
If you had the keys to any kingdom Would you lock the king inside? And would you feed him to his demons Or strange bedfellows? Does the future make you nervous? A present you never expected Are you past the point of turning back, learning how, putting it down? I'm on the quasar that's underneath the radar I'm over my sadness, climbing without my harness Free falling in love and hope and yesterdays and other ways Will you give your valuables to charity? Chop up the furniture for firewood Burn all your bridges in effigy Or in some other key? Did the fanfare startle you out of your slumber? Can I call you at another number? Are you the last to know you're on the fringe, off the chain, partly to blame? Does the future make you nervous? A present you never expected Are you past the point of turning back, learning how, putting it down?
I waited for you for a long long time And I'm so glad that I made you mine It's time I tell you that you're the only lover for me My friends told me that it wouldn't work out But they don't know what they're talkin about Let them talk cause we're happy as two lovers can be I work all day thinkin bout the night Then I know you're gonna squeeze me tight And I'm gonna make you feel alright wait and see When I hold you I just lose my mind When I'm with you I leave the world behind There is no place in this world that I'd rather be Oh. You got that little somethin' And it's a fair assumption You're gonna give a little somethin to me Oh. You got that little somethin Feel my heartbeat bumpin Now give a little somethin to me Oh you got that little somethin'
I was a young man.  Flying by the seat of my pants Living without a plan, out of a bag Not really bohemian  Just more of a drifting soul Surrendering all control Digging myself a hole Colorado wasn't as cold as she was Snow fall wasn't as deep as all the bitter words Friends who had no loyalties Retreated to fair weather As if to say whatever As if to say forget her Self-reflection Takes more effort than knowing   Hindsight isn't as clear as intuition used to be Time carves deeper lines in me Like rivers that run to nowhere Encouraging me to go there Convincing me that I don't care There must bed some equation That works out to these changes in me Looking back I can't explain it I can't believe where I've been And what I've lived through. Can you? The artist isn't a good provider The more that I mature The more I seek the softest chair Genius loses the hand to hunger The muse doesn't get any younger No illusion I care to be under I have no aspiration To justify courageous desperation To suffer for a dream when I've awakened I missed so many of my chances on the way To where I am today And I'm okay



The current socio-political climate in the U.S. and the madcap adventures of the Tweeter-in-Chief will certainly be documented in books and blogs for years to come. But can an independent singer-songwriter deliver a potent and captivating concept album that puts it in the artist’s perspective? If you’re Dave Howard, the answer is “Yes, it’s ready.”
“Fate Rumbled” is the latest recording by San Diego singer-songwriter Dave Howard who describes the album as a “song cycle that exposes an emperor with no clothes” The song ideas and lyrics were developed and written during the 2016 presidential campaign in the months leading up to the election. “I was on a flight to Honolulu just freewriting. These were my observations and reactions” Howard says, “to what was happening, what was incubating, what was deteriorating. I was riveted by the craziness that overtook the press, the candidates and the electorate. It was like seeing a wreck on the highway and being unable to look away.” Without naming any names, Howard vents his frustration and shares his lens on the personalities and behaviors that are unique to the new “normal” And while Howard has been typecast over the years as a balladeer of love songs, Fate Rumbled shows off this veteran songsmith’s diverse musical palette, sharp lyrical edge as well as his studio chops at the controls.
This time he’s playing all the instruments, singing all the vocals, producing and recording. “For the last year I had these lyrics but no music.” he says. “I was getting all twisted up in my straight corporate gig. I was so stressed out that I got physically ill. I went on a leave of absence and ultimately resigned and I had time to actually pick up my guitar and doodle on the keyboard. I started recording some tunes that were in my bag from the last few years. As soon as I did that, the music for the songs on Fate Rumbled just poured out. One by one I would write music, record parts as they came to me, then move on to the next song. As I went on, the album concept started to emerge. Things moved really fast.” Howard wrote and recorded all the tracks during the month of June, 2017 and finished mixing at the end of July. His wife Terri watched him go out to his garage studio and disappear for a few hours then come back in and say “Check this out!” Howard recalls, “She had never seen me work like that in the studio before. She was surprised at the pace of my process.”
The album is comprised of nine songs, coming in at just over 37 minutes. “It’s not a rock opera. I don’t want to force a storyline into people’s heads.” says Howard. “Some of these songs are caricatures, while some are just manifest frustration and anger” says Howard. “But not all of them are political statements. There are a few songs that are more personal to my own principles and how I developed the world view that shaped the rest of the album.” The story goes the way it goes.” he says. No matter how it ends, we’re all going to wake up and do our thing the next day.”
“Fate Rumbled is probably my favorite track. It’s a thought poem of loose associations, as I imagine Trump’s cognitive process works. It has a simple song structure. There’s nothing sophisticated about the music but the mood is set with the instrumentation; grand piano, guitar, bass, drums, strings all build to a big crescendo then crash and start over again. In that way it’s just like what we’re seeing on the news and social media.”
The first single was “Gather All the Fables”. There is an accompanying YouTube video for that track as well as the title track,. “Fate Rumbled” was released on January 23, 2018 via his website (www.davehowardmusic.com) and on streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and others. A limited number of CDs are available for those who still prefer them.


released January 23, 2018

Dave Howard performed all vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards,
drum and orchestral instrument sampling and sequencing.
Recorded and mixed at Upaya Music in Poway, California.
This record could not have been made without the unwavering
and enthusiastic support of my amazing and beautiful wife, Terri.
Press, performance and publicity contact
Dave Howard

Promotional copies of all tracks available on request.
Television, theatre and film licensing available.

All words and music by Dave Howard.
Published throughout the world by Upaya Music.
All rights reserved. © 2018 Upaya Music (SESAC).

More music from Dave Howard can be found at


all rights reserved



Dave Howard San Diego, California

Dave Howard was active in the San Diego music scene from 1990 - 2018.
A multi-year nominee for the San Diego Music Awards, Howard's songwriting and stage chops caught the attention of his peers and coffeehouse patrons. This allowed him to collaborate and hang with the emerging artists of the time. Dave has released acoustic, garage rock (The Shamey Jays) and ambient electronic music (Upaya) ... more

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